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    It depends on the style of the house. However, most houses can be renovated to include a porch that establishes a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living. This can be done by including a sunroom that fills generously with daylight and fresh air provided by numerous windows and glass doors. Existing spaces can be renovated or remodeled to restore lost charm and make them more useful, therefore increasing the value of the house. This deserves as much attention as building a new addition.
    Many homeowners already have porches on their homes, particularly those with older houses. Porches that have been neglected may need some repair. A porch can be decorated, remodeled, expanded, or otherwise altered, just as you can do with any other room in your home. Porches can be transformed by any method, from re-painting them to completely rebuilding them. It is not as expensive as you might think to add a screen to an open porch. If you plan to use your porch throughout the year, you can install glass above it. There is more insulation and heating needed in a four-season sunroom as compared to a porch, so converting a porch into a sunroom is a bit more difficult and costlier.
    Creating a sunroom from a deck is an excellent option for adding value to your home. The vast majority of suburban houses have this open air platform which is accessible only at specific times of the year depending on the season. You can increase the number of days you may be inclined to spend outside by converting a deck into a three-season porch or a sunroom. Having a three-season porch allows you to enjoy shade and fresh air in the summer without sacrificing ventilation. Stay warm and comfortable in your sunroom when the cold weather arrives. There is enough space on the property for you to build a sunroom or porch to go with your deck. When your options are limited, however, you may be able to convert your deck.
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